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The Roja championship game is this Wednesday! And it's an all Denton showdown with the Estudiantes facing the Diablos. The championship game will have limited capacity, so claim your tickets today!

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Honoring, surviving, and celebrating together.

Soccer brings us together. It provides an opportunity for players and camaraderie for fans. This is our tribe. We celebrate together. The coronavirus took that all away. People have suffered and many have died. A return to sports is a celebration of life! We honor and remember the people we have lost during this pandemic.

The Roja League reminds us of our freedom and the celebration of life. Following the national anthem, there will be a moment of silence to honor those we have lost to the coronavirus. A safe return for players and fans is a symbol of triumph and liberation. It’s time to play!

League Details

Game Day Safety

In consultation with U.S. soccer officials, insurance carriers, and following authorized sports activities defined by the Texas Governor, The Roja League’s first priority is to provide a safe environment for team sports and fan attendance. Details about fan safety will be available at the gate.

Season Details

The schedule for each game will be announced on our Facebook page. Each team will play an eight-game schedule. Playoff details will be announced at a later date.